Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Favs

Well, today is officially the last weekday of my two week vacation. I had a blast; wish I could do it all over again. I was able to take my oldest daughter to school ( I normally can't do that when I have to work) and pick her up, I got to stay home with the baby and watch all the cartoon and puppet shows that she likes to watch. I got to cook, and relax and just be me.

I also got to shop online which is a favorite past time of mine. I think I kind of overdid it but I figure I deserved it.

I ordered the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV. I like to wear makeup, but I usually don't wear it very often due to the fact that I have to be at work for 5:00am in the morning and I am usually too tired and moody to apply it that early but hopefully this will motivate me to want to put on a little something.
I also ordered these BCBG ballet flats. I'm kinda obsessed with the leopard print these days. Next I need a leopard print cardigan, and I also need to get a pair of leopard print wedges.  I can't wait for these shoes to be delivered to my door.


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