Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zipper Pouch

I love this pouch!!  This is the second zippered pouch that I made courtesy of a Keyka Lou pattern.  The first one I made was the medium pouch, but this one is the small version and it's just so cute. I just listed it in the shop and I already have the pieces cut out so I can make a third one.

Its a very convenient little thing. It has two pockets, one a zippered pocket and then a main pocket behind that one.

I'll definitely be making a ton of these.


Yadira said...

I must tell you, this is SUPER cute. Keep up the awesome work. I gotta love this pattern and your fabric choice <3.

Desi said...

Thanks Yadira. the pattern is super awesome and the fabric just made it that much better :)

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