Saturday, February 25, 2012

What I've Been Up To

Today is officially the last day of my vacation week. I unfortunately have to go back to work on Monday (waaaaaaahhhhh). But anyway, while I was home, I got so much done in terms of the shops. I was able to work on some new pouches and was able to update some pictures. It's amazing what the crop feature can do for your pictures. I just discovered it a couple weeks ago (slow, I know).

Here's a little before and after of one of the pictures that I cropped:



Ahhhh-mazing lol.  I never was much of a photographer.  At least now I know. I edited these pics using picnik, but now they're shutting down picnik after April 19th. Now I'll have to find another editing website thats as user friendly as picnik is.

The quest continues..........